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Studio Space

Our main dance studio has a high open ceiling and a large space for dancers to move freely as they train in all of their classes.

Our dance surface is covered with a marley flooring, which is specifically made for all types of dance and is ideal for dance studios. It is particularly created to be less slippery than other types of flooring, including hardwood and standard (non-dance) commercial vinyl floors.

We have a raised dance floor (commonly known in the dance world as a “sprung floor”) that we use for all of our dance classes and rehearsals, which also doubles as our stage for our in-house showcases. This floor is the very best construction for our students and company artists as it provides the highest degree of support and suspension for dancers as the jump, turn, and move about the space for long periods of time.

This professional flooring is a favorite among dancers around the world as it makes dancing more comfortable for joints and muscles and helps dancers to preserve physical energy since less force is needed to spring into the air and there is more shock-absorption when landing.

Alongside this, we also invested in a state-of-the-art, cushioned-back flooring we use throughout other areas of our studio and that we often take with us to theaters for performances. This floor was created specifically to help with shock-absorption and designed by the same company that provides flooring for the Joffrey Ballet School in New York, Philadanco, and Paul Taylor Dance Company – as well as numerous other dance schools and companies around the world.

Photo by Trazo Litrato


Our expansive wall of professional, studio-grade mirrors allows for nearly floor to ceiling views, enabling the dancers to see from every angle, and our extensive main studio area gives our dancers full use of the dance floor since our barres and equipment can be moved to the side into their own storage space when not in use.

There is a dedicated space connected to our main studio for dancers to keep their dance bags within reach for warm-ups, shoes, and whatever else they need for class, and we also have a separate room next to our main office and welcome desk that provides a comfortable and quiet waiting area for parents and families.

We frequently clean our studios and use professional-grade disinfectant cleaner designed specifically for marley floors, dance equipment, and frequently touched areas such as door handles. This disinfectant protects against bacteria and viruses, and it also removes dirt, body oils, and other residue.

In-House Showcases

Alongside our local theater performances, we host in-house showcases for our company and school. Our large studio space allows for full showcases complete with several rows of audience seating that is located beyond our dance floor in order to provide a full stage set up apart from our house audience.

Our space also features a movable 20-foot backdrop that we often use for themed, high-definition projections behind our dancers and performers as an additional unique show element that enhances our presentation and storytelling abilities.


City Ballet Theater is conveniently located only two intersections north of the I-70 exit at Range Line. You’ll find our space on the lower level of the building under Wilson’s Fitness, next to ATA Martial Arts and just two doors down from The Grind Coffee House.

We know environment and amenities are important for any dance school designed for a range of ages, so we specifically chose this location with our students and their families in mind. Parking can be a commodity in any city, so we are very grateful to have a space that offers ample free parking directly in front of the building so you won’t need to spend extra time finding a place to park. It’s also carefully and thoughtfully designed to be a great family-oriented atmosphere where you can feel comfortable dancing and bringing your dancers.

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