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2022 – 2023 Show Season

Classes for Ages 4+ to Adult | Year Round Training Options | Trainee Program
Summer Intensives & Workshops | Personal Coaching
Professional Teachers, Dancers, & Choreographers


Programs start at only $360 per YEAR.

10% Sibling Discount.
5% discount for full semester pay by first class each semester.

We also offer personalized coaching classes for all levels of determined dancers,
as well as Adult Dance classes in various styles!

All Levels Beginner and Up get these as a Bonus!

  • Free admission to CBT’s own occasional Specialty Workshops offered throughout the year, such as: Nutrition, Pointe Shoe Selection and Fitting Tips, Stage Make-Up Tutorials, Resumé Writing Tips, On-Stage and Back-Stage Etiquette, and Intensive and Company Audition Preparation.
  • Multiple performance opportunities with the school each season
  • Opportunities to perform in City Ballet Theater Company productions
  • Exclusive CBT student discount on most Master Classes offered at our studio, such as Traditional Character Dance, Hip Hop, and other styles.

We also offer detailed and personalized coaching classes for all levels of determined dancers (please inquire for options).

See our Schedule and Policies  page and Class (Styles) Descriptions page for more information.

Preparatory Program

Our Preparatory Program is designed for young children and introduces students to the basic elements of movement, focus, spatial awareness, teamwork, music, and performance. Students will explore the foundational elements of dance by learning correct terminology, positions, and placement, which prepare them to move into higher levels that build enhanced technique, skill, and performance quality.

Our Preparatory Program includes one class per week of Pre-Ballet, which will also include an introduction to tap. Students in this program also have the possibility of multiple performance opportunities per year depending on the show season.

*Please Note: Parents of students who need restroom assistance must stay for the entire class length to assist their child in the restroom. This ensures the classes can continue without stopping.

Beginner Program

Our Beginner Program emphasizes a solid foundation in dance technique with care for proper placement and progression while introducing young students to the full aspect of performance and growing their individual creativity. Students will also learn more dance terminology, positions, and placement to prepare them for the upper levels.

Our Beginner Program includes the following levels and classes, plus the possibility of multiple performance opportunities throughout the year:

  • LEVEL 1
    Ballet, Tap
  • LEVEL 2
    Ballet, Tap

Intermediate Program

Our Intermediate Program follows a syllabus designed to help students advance in their technique, creativity, and discipline that will benefit them for life. This program also prepares students for additional audition opportunities at a younger age. 

Intermediate level students continue to enhance their technical skills, build stamina and strength, and expand their dance vocabulary and movement abilities in each of the styles they study. 

Classes include a wide variety of dance styles such as Classical Ballet (including Progressing Ballet Technique), Pre-Pointe/Pointe, Contemporary, Jazz, and Tap.

At this level, our younger female dancers will begin preparing for pointe work through pre-pointe class work (without the use of pointe shoes), while those who have reached the appropriate technical understanding, skill level, and physical development will have the opportunity to begin studying pointe work wearing pointe shoes. (Please note that a dancer’s ability to train and dance on pointe is at the sole determination of the director/instructor.)

Our Intermediate Program includes the following levels and classes, plus multiple performance opportunities throughout the year:

  • LEVEL 3
    Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap
  • LEVEL 4
    Ballet, Pre-Pointe/Pointe, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap

Advanced Program

Our Advanced Program follows our upper level syllabus designed to prepare dancers for future professional company work. At this stage in a dancer’s training, they have mastered the foundational aspects of ballet technique and have progressed to an advanced level of dance vocabulary and movement in each style of dance they have studied. An even greater emphasis will be placed on more complex steps and combinations, performance quality, and the development of individual artistry.

Classes include a wide variety of dance styles including Classical Ballet (including Progressing Ballet Technique), Pointe, Variations, Modern/Contemporary, Jazz, and Tap. 

Our Advanced Program includes the following levels and classes, plus multiple performance opportunities throughout the year:

  • LEVEL 5
    Ballet, Pre-Pointe/Pointe, Variations, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap
  • LEVEL 6
    Ballet, Pointe, Variations, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap

Adult Classes

Our adult dance classes are taught in a way that benefits all levels – great for beginners to advanced. We even have roles in shows for adult dance students and parents should you like to join us! 

Dance is a healthy and fun way to add movement and creativity to your life. We don’t rush these classes, because we know so many want to actually learn the various forms of dance. CBT offers year round Adult Ballet Classes, as well as Adult Dance Fusion classes that includes alternating styles in Tap, Musical Theater Jazz, Modern & Contemporary, and more!

Please click here to see our Adult Classes.


Coaching sessions are for those students who would like to enhance their learning even more, progress faster, or desire to perform or compete outside the regular yearly schedule. In these coaching sessions, students will learn more and hone in on those skills, as well as expand their creative skill set.

Private Coaching

$60 per hour


$40 per student per hour for Semi-Private Coaching (up to 3 students)

Class Styles – Descriptions

At City Ballet Theater School, we offer year-round classical, foundational, pre-professional training in Ballet, Pointe, Variations, Boy’s and Men’s Technique, and Progressing Ballet Technique which also enhance our Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, and Tap classes and performances.

Alongside our weekly classes, occasional CBT Specialty Workshops will also be offered throughout the year, such as: Nutrition, Pointe Shoe Selection and Fitting Tips, Stage Make-Up Tutorials, Resumé Writing Tips, On-Stage and Back-Stage Etiquette, and Intensive and Company Audition Preparation. To see our detailed class descriptions and offerings, please view our CLASS DESCRIPTIONS page.

Dress Code

We believe that it is important to keep all attire modest and appropriate. This allows the dancer to move freely while in class without being concerned with their attire and helps to keep our environment family friendly. Proper attire also allows the instructor to visually evaluate the muscle placement and body alignment, which in turn leads to healthier and safer dancing. Please find the guidelines for BOTH classes and performances on our DRESS CODE page.

Coaching - Private Lessons at City Ballet Theater

Schedule and Policies

See our Schedule and Policies page for yearly schedule and more info. If you have any scheduling questions or conflicts, we are happy to work with you in every way possible.

Studio Etiquette

We strive to keep our school and performances family & child friendly as well as give our younger dancers great role models to look up to in our company, adult classes, and rehearsals. All dancers, students, families, faculty, and patrons are expected to treat each other kindly and with respect at all timesas we believe this so very important to have a family-friendly and joyful atmosphere. Please our GENERAL RULES for more information.

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