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Studio Etiquette Rules

For Our Dancers:

  • Students must arrive no later than their scheduled time and must be ready to go when the class or rehearsal begins.
  • Dancers should come completely dressed and hair done for class to begin on time. In order to keep our classes on schedule, dancers should wear the same attire throughout all their classes each night (please do not change clothes between classes). 
  • Dancers should bring their own water to classes, rehearsals, and performances.
  • All dancers must be fully dressed when entering or leaving the building (no leotard and tights outside without an appropriate cover-up and street shoes).

Please see our Dress Code for full details for each level and classes.

For Everyone:

The rules below are to keep our school family/child friendly as well as to give our younger dancers great role models to look up to in our company, adult classes, and rehearsals. All dancers, students, families, faculty, and patrons are expected to treat each other kindly and with respect at all timesas we believe this so very important to have a family-friendly and joyful atmosphere.

  • In order to keep our studio family-friendly and welcoming to all ages, we ask that you do not use profane or inappropriate language, including in the waiting area. We want our families to always feel joy and feel at home in our dance school.
  • For the health and safety of our dancers, smoking is not allowed in the building or outside near our building entrance (this includes e-cigarettes and vaping).
  • Parents should not leave students unattended in the waiting area or outside the building before or after class, rehearsal, or performance (with the exception of older students who drive themselves to class). We believe this is of utmost importance for safety.
  • No one except notated parents/guardians may pick up a student. Parents/guardians must personally come inside the building to pick up their child after class, rehearsal, or performance (with the exception of older students who drive themselves to class).
  • No student will be allowed to leave the building without their parent or approved guardian present (please note: only those who are listed on the student’s registration form are allowed to pick up the student). Under emergency circumstances, if a different trusted adult must be chosen, parents/guardians must notify us immediately. Those students under 18 who drive themselves must notate this during the registration process.
  • Parents of students who need restroom assistance must stay for the entire class length to assist their child in the restroom. This ensures the classes can continue without stopping.
  • No street shoes or heels should be worn on the dance floor as these can damage the state-of-the-art flooring.
  • Chewing gum is not allowed in the dance studio for safety and cleaning reasons.
  • Food or drink (except water in NON-glass containers only) is not allowed on the dance floor.
  • Please do not leave personal items in the waiting room. You can bring purses, bags, and personal items into the studio, we just ask that you please silence all cell phones, smart devices, and electronic devices and leave them in your bag so as not to disturb the class.

City Ballet Theater is not responsible for any personal items brought into the studio, shows, and events.

We really appreciate everyone’s continued effort to help make City Ballet Theater the best atmosphere possible for all who are involved in our classes and shows and their families!

We strive to be a family-friendly and safe environment, so we must reserve some rights for rare occasions. City Ballet Theater LLP reserves the right to dismiss any person who behaves inappropriately and the right to refuse or terminate service to anyone for any reason not prohibited by law. We have the right to be free from acts of threats of any kind. Abusive communications in any form are strictly not tolerated.

City Ballet Theater LLP and all staff and volunteers are not liable for personal injuries or loss or damage to personal property inside our facility or outside events or parking lots. All participants in classes, shows, and other events, must have all signed documents on file with us, including waivers. 

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